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The New York State (NYS) Department of Health AIDS Institute Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) is designed to enhance the capacity of New York's diverse health care workforce to deliver clinical services to improve health outcomes related to HIV, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and hepatitis C (HCV). The aims of the CEI are fourfold:
  • provide progressive HIV, HCV and STD education to clinicians
  • disseminate AIDS Institute clinical practice guidelines
  • expand the base of providers able to diagnose and care for HIV, HCV and STD patients
  • foster partnerships between community-based providers and HIV, HCV and STD specialists

CEI Centers of Excellence

HIV/HCV Center of Excellence

Medical Director: Antonio E. Urbina, MD
Program Director: Terri L. Wilder, MSW

The HIV/HCV Center of Excellence educates medical providers on the latest New York State guidelines related to HIV and HCV, to enhance their capacity to deliver clinical services and improve health outcomes. This is done through free trainings and conferences, preceptorships, tele-mentoring with Project ECHO™, technical assistance, and additional clinical tools.

STD Center of Excellence

Medical Director: Marguerite Urban, MD
Program Manager: Melinda Godfrey, MBA, NP

The STD Center of Excellence provides general STD clinical education, trainings, preceptorships, tele-mentoring with Project ECHO, and additional clinical tools for community providers in NYS. The Center educates clinicians on the latest NYS guidelines for management of patients with STDs.

Resource Center of Excellence
For technical support
+1 (585) 612-1343call text email

Program P.I.: Timothy Dye, PhD
Program Director: Monica Barbosu, MD, PhD

The Resource Center of Excellence manages CEI's online and in-person trainings (webinars/ trainings/conferences). The center is using a sophisticated Information System to enhance the delivery of the continuing medical education among clinical providers. Through a responsive design system all CEI resources are delivered through various platforms: ( website , Android and iOS apps, and social media.