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ECHO: Trauma Informed Care for People who Use Drugs


Published Date: 02/28/2022

CE Credit: No CE


This Drug User Health ECHOTM session features Dr. Andrea Littleton speaking on Trauma Informed Care for People who Use Drugs. This presentation will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to identify risk factors for people who have experienced trauma, recognize adverse childhood experiences and how they related to adult substance use, discuss how to screen for trauma and describe how to care for someone with a history of trauma.


Andrea Littleton,MD
Andrea Littleton, MD has been a family physician for over 16 yrs and has worked with the homeless/underserved population her entire career. She teaches and trains medical students from Einstein and Montefiore Family Medicine residents. She is a faculty advisor for HOPE-a homeless outreach club for einstein students. Dr. Littleton piloted a grant to do a street MAT program for the homeless population with opiate use disorder and championed Hep C treatment in this same population. Dr. Littleton is interested in research in Hep C and OUD treatment for underserved populations. She also received the Leo Tow Humanism award in 2012.

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