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8th Annual New York State Sexual Health Conference: Directions, Perspectives, and Predictions Day 1


Published Date: 09/01/2022

Expiration Date: 06/06/2025

CE Credit: CME:1.5CNE: 1.5


Threats and Assets, Past and Present: Considerations for Moving Towards Sexual Health Promotion as Normative Practice: In this presentation, Dr. Natalie LaBlanc discusses current and past threats to sexual health promotion. Dr. LaBlanc identifies contemporary assets to sexual health promotion, and describes the role clinicians can play in promoting sexual health as a normative practice.

Painful Syphilis Lesions: Clinical Characteristics and Intriguing Findings from a Genomic Evaluation: In this presentation, Irina Gelman, Commissioner of Health, and Kaitlin Cafferky, Supervising Public Health Investigator – both from the Orange County Department of Health – describe atypical clinical characteristics associated with syphilis chancres seen in Orange County, NY. They also describe including syphilis in the differential diagnosis of painful ulcerative lesions. This session covers data on current STI trends, case studies of a subset of atypical presentation of syphilis, and a discussion of next steps.


Natalie LeBlanc,PhD, MPH, BSN, RN

Natalie Leblanc,PhD, MPH, BSN, RN current research focuses on health care provider (e.g, physicians, nurses, social workers) perspectives, praxis and engagement processes in sexual health promotion, specifically couple-centered approaches across the HIV prevention and care continuums. She also studies the context of vulnerability to adverse sexual health outcomes (HIV/STI transmission) among marginalized populations such as: same-sex male couples, Black couples, women of color, and non-heteronormative populations such as men of color who have sex with men. These lines of inquiry aim to: acknowledge the role of racism and anti-Black stigma and violence on sexual health inequities; discern assets in the health and community settings that can be leveraged to promote sexual health, specifically HIV prevention and engagement across the HIV care continuum. Dr. Leblanc primarily uses multi-method qualitative/quantitative approaches to achieve these aims.

Irina Gelman,DPM, MPH, PhDc

Irina Gelman, DPM, MPH, PhDc has her preliminary medical background in surgery and clinical care and completed a Master Degree in Public Health at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Gelman was appointed the tenth Commissioner of Health of Orange County, NY in 2018. Previously, she worked as the Director of Public Health for over four years in Fulton County, NY.Dr. Gelman is a vocal advocate of public health who continues to serve as a member of the New York State Association of County Health Officials (NYSACHO) board of directors and remains an active fellow of The New York Academy of Medicine. Currently a PhD candidate, Dr. Gelman is working on her dissertation entitled “Government applications of telehealth in multi-sectoral settings”

Kaitlin Cafferky,

Kaitlin Cafferky is the Supervising Public Health Investigator for the Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH). Prior to becoming the supervisor, Kaitlin was a Public Health Investigator at OCDOH for 5 years. Kaitlin aided in OCDOH COVID-19 pandemic response before transitioning into her role as supervisor in June of 2020 and now leads the STD Unit for OCDOH. Kaitlin has 7 years of communicable disease investigation experience, specializing in syphilis staging and treatment recommendations.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify strategies to improve sexual healthcare.
  • Discuss testing and treatment recommendations for sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy.
  • Identify trends in STI epidemiology in New York State with a focus on syphilis.

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