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Gastrointestinal Disease in HIV Infection

Gastrointestinal Disease in HIV Infection
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Original Release Date: 11/15/2011
Review Date: 7/20/2012
  • Donald P. Kotler, MD
    Professor of Medicine
    Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Learning Objectives / Desired Outcomes
At the completion of this educational activity, participants will:
  1. Describe the heterogeneity of the HIV-infected population of New York City and its varied effects on GI disease.
  2. Review the clinical manifestations of HIV-associated and selected non-HIV associated GI diseases that affect our patients.
  3. Utilize algorithms for the evaluation of specific clinical GI syndromes.
Presenter Bio
Donald Kotler, MD
Donald P. Kotler is a gastroenterologist, an expert on GI manifestations of HIV disease, and a pioneer in the study of the AIDS wasting syndrome. Dr. Kotler has concentrated on the study of body composition in order to define the characteristics of malnutrition in HIV infection and other diseases, as well as strategies to reverse the wasting process. He has been the Principal investigator on single-site and multi-center studies of nutritional therapies for HIV-associated malnutrition. In addition, Dr. Kotler has studied the opportunistic enteric complications of AIDS as well as the role of HIV as an enteric pathogen. More recently, he has studied the body composition and metabolic abnormalities associated with lipodystrophy, and is applying his knowledge and laboratory techniques to the study of chronic liver disease. 
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