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HIV Infection: Worse the Second Time?

HIV Infection: Worse the Second Time?
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Original Release Date: 12/13/2011
Review Date: 7/20/2012
  • Davey Smith, MD, MAS
    Medical Director, Early Intervention Program
    University of California San Diego
Learning Objectives / Desired Outcomes
At the completion of this educational activity, participants will:
  1. Know the differences between HIV-1 co-infection and superinfection.
  2. Understand who might be at risk for superinfection.
  3. Discuss what superinfection might mean clinically.
  4. Realize what superinfection might mean for preventive vaccine efforts.
Presenter Bio
Davey Smith, MD, MAS
Davey Smith is a translational research virologist. He uses basic science techniques to answer clinically relevant questions and vice-versa. He works both at the UCSD Antiviral Research Center where he is the medical director of the Early Intervention Program and in his laboratory on the UCSD campus where he performs bench research and he runs the Centers for AIDS Research Translational Virology Core. His primary research focus is on the transmission of HIV, including HIV superinfection and characterizing HIV shed from the genital tract. These studies are in pursuit to understand the correlates that drive HIV transmission and find new ways to interrupt them. In October, 2010, Dr. Smith was named HIV Researcher of the Year by the HIV Medical Association.
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