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PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis)

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Public Service Announcement

CEI offers public service announcements (PSAs) to raise awareness of important topics for clinicians who care for patients with or at risk for HIV, HCV and other STDs. To watch the short PSAs please follow the links below.

Non-Occupational Prophylaxis Following HIV Exposure

    Non-Occupational Prophylaxis Following HIV Exposure  STD

Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

    Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis  STD

PEP Cards:

  • HCV Card HCV Card

  • The CEI HIV/HCV Center for Excellence offers PEP clinical cards. This convenient card provides clinically relevant information on the recommended PEP regimen, pre-prescription assessment, information on lab tests and monitoring, the New York State Clinical Consultation Line, as well as the website addresses further information regarding PEP guidelines and CEI initiatives. This card can be discreetly attached to a medical providers name tag while providing all of the important information needed to make clinically sound decisions regarding PEP.

    Ordering PEP cards is now easier than ever! Please visit the following link to view and order PEP cards for your organization:

CEI Line (866-637-2342)

  • CEI provides this toll-free number for clinicians in New York State to discuss PEP, PrEP, HIV, HCV and STD management with a specialist.