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Release Notes


  • Created modern Event Calendar for CEI website with multiple layouts


  • Updated CEI Student Portal and Admin2 to allow group registration and to automate email notification process for live training management
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to automate the process of creating SPH learning objective evaluation form to live events


  • Added landing pages for conferences on navigation panel of "Courses" page
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to manage customized reminder email messages post Webinar
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to send reminder emails to Webinar attendees only via manual data transmission from Webex


  • Updated CEI Student Portal and CEI Admin2 for HIV/HCV center Webinar Management
  • Updated CEI Student Portal to offer and document CPE credits
  • Changed the favicon with new logo



  • Initial re-designed CEI website release!
  • Submitted request to Google Custom Search to re-crawl and re-index the new website