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Release Notes


  • Moved "manage form" from SP2 to Admin2
  • Moved "view user" from SP2 to Admin2
  • Added ECHO training
  • Setup ECHO CME certificate
  • Consolidated content mover to events
  • Updated thank you email and reminder email.


  • Fixed STD Training series participant code download error
  • Fixed the error of not being able to populate course number field of media table
  • Added tools in Admin2- meida - media form to edit source code
  • Updated contact us function in Sp2
  • Updated courses when adding a training
  • Updated events function in Admin2


  • Released CEI Virtual Patient to all platforms (iOS, Android, and Desktop)
  • Updated Technical Assistance and CEI Line form in Admin2 and added new emailing function to email caller's request to receiving doctor.


  • Added CNE credit approved by UofR Center of Experimental Learning and enable the system (Admin2 and SP2) to issue corresponding CE certificate


  • Activated SMS texting function to distribute the online evaluation (miniPFF) to training participants as a supplement to short URL and QR code.


  • Added CME credit approved by UofR Center of Experimental Learning and enable the system (Admin2 and SP2) to issue corresponding CE certificate


  • Improved the process of CE credit claiming for live training in SP2 to allow attendees to claim credit right after they completed evaluation, regardless of their approval status.
  • Improved the process of claiming live training participant in SP2 to allow attendees to make single claim for all training sessions of a training series


  • Upgraded search engine and layout on CEI Courses page including instant search, speedy browsing, stateful search, and enhanced filtering, etc.


  • Retire r24 system and migrate Media management to Admin2


  • Improved screen prompt, wording, and alerting for credit claim of live CPE training in SP2.
  • Migrate course management function from old admin to Admin2


  • Implemented training series management in Admin2 and SP2


  • Improved import function on Admin2 "Registration" to import Webex Report of webinar attendees.


  • Updated CEI Student Portal and Admin2 to improve the process of credit claiming and approval for live training. The new features include consolidated workflow to complete evaluation and claim credit for training participants, one step of approval and a complete participant list for training coordinator


  • Upgraded CAPTCHA on clinical inquiry form and contact us form
  • Created and modified forms in CEI Student Portal, Admin, and Admin2 to collect performance measures
  • Improved CEI Student Portal and Admin2 to facilitate private live training session in which the participations are by invitation only
  • Implemented mini PFF to collect evaluation data via Short URL, QR code for collaborative training events that CEI does not offer CE


  • Added link on CEI website to download transcripts of course video
  • Improved PRN courses listing and presentation on CEI website (e.g. new PRN logo, direction to PRN website for archived PRN courses, etc.)


  • Updated SP2 and made zip code a required field for SP2 account signup and registration form
  • Create new form in Admin2 to collect measures of dissemination activities
  • Created new form in Admin2 to collect measures of promotional activities
  • Created new form in Admin2 to collect measures of Case Simulation


  • Updated CEI Student Portal to allow non-registered participants to claim participation post-training
  • Updated import tool on CEI Admin2 to collect discipline as another mandatory field
  • Updated CEI Student Portal to prevent multiple PFF submissions
  • Created data-driven schedule table on STD/HIV ECHO page
  • Added "PRN Courses" tab on the browsing panel on "Courses" page that list all courses sponsored by PRN


  • Merged the Live Training sections in CEI Student Portal to consolidate the training participant claiming
  • Removed "Add PFFCE" link on "My Training Sessions" page on CEI Admin2 as it is duplicate to "PFFCE" link
  • Setup testing and training (mirror of production server) environments for all CEI web applications


  • Created modern Event Calendar for CEI website with multiple layouts
  • Improved the quiz scoring algorithm in CEI Student Portal
  • Added closed caption to popular topics and new training videos
  • Improved CEI Admin with image preview on managing Events
  • Integrated 3rd party email scheduling and delivering services in CEI Admin2 for enhanced communication with training participants


  • Improved CEI Student Portal and Admin2 for live training and Webinar management, including adding a wait list feature, adding automatic "thank-you" and reminder emails to participants, allowing event coordinators to add customized messages for participant emails, and sending reminder emails only to participants who have not completed evaluations, etc.
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to automate the process of creating SPH learning objective evaluation form to live events
  • Improved Event and Content Mover in CEI Admin to improve the home page event loading
  • Added a new topic category for ECHO sessions in "Courses" page


  • Improved CEI homepage loading time by defining and prioritizing popular topics
  • Updated CEI Student Portal and Admin2 to allow group registration and to automate email notification process for live training management
  • Encrypted CEI website with HTTPs protocol


  • Added landing pages for conferences on navigation panel of "Courses" page
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to manage customized reminder email messages post Webinar
  • Updated CEI Admin2 to send reminder emails to Webinar attendees only via manual data transmission from Webex


  • Updated CEI Student Portal and CEI Admin2 for HIV/HCV center Webinar Management
  • Updated CEI Student Portal to offer and document CPE credits
  • Changed the favicon with new logo



  • Initial re-designed CEI website release!
  • Submitted request to Google Custom Search to re-crawl and re-index the new website