Technical Support

The CEI Resource Center makes every attempt to ensure that our content is available via a wide variety of media formats. For example, most of our video are available for download in Windows Media and Quicktime-compatible formats as well as in Flash format for online viewing.

If you experience problems viewing our content, please read the following pages. If you are having difficulties with our online CME system which prevent you from completing a course or if you continue to experience problems after reading our support pages, please go to our support form and we will assist you.

Our MyCEI uses Wowza media server and Wistia to stream content to your computer. The system supports both Mac and Windows systems. The content is sent to you in Flash format or HTML5. If using Flash player, it requires the Adobe Flash plugin be installed on your computer.

Quick things to check first

Check the following items to help resolve common issues.

  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Disable popup blocker software.
  • Clear the browser's cache.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Try connecting from a different computer.
  • Are you accessing the correct URL?
  • Have you enrolled in the course?
  • Did you change your password recently?


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